Gadgets & Gismos

Sorry but there's only pictures to look at here so far - I'll add some words when I get time!!

Sad Techy History

OK "Sadsters", you've reached my history of computers

Still awake? ..... try my history of the Internet

If you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, you know you really are an anorak!, you should be into CDs and TVs, not PCs and CVs  ....... or maybe you and I should just get out more!

Sad Techy Humour

The IT Crowd

I need say no more about this frightening real new comedy than to quote the description of Moss (on the right): "lives with his mum, who also dresses him, styles his hair and buys his clothes. He's highly intelligent, scared of spiders and has the social skills of a serial killer. The closest he's got to a woman is Lara Croft, and he struggles to communicate with anything that doesn't have a keyboard"

Channel 4 microsite

Bastard Operator From Hell

BOFH once used to grace the pages of the now defunct Network Week magazine, of course ..... it was often the only "real-world" article!! - Visit BOFH's new home at The Register


I thought Dilbert was just for Dilberts, until I saw it on TV and realised he'e just a techie and it's old spikey-haired boss who's a little synaptically-challenged! ..... I still like the cool-dude Dogbert though! ..... catch them at