Tale of Change

He lives and loves to Bachhus' wondrous heights
Through child-like eyes he gazes Shiva's dancing lights
She walks and dreams of life's rich blend of themes
In the secret garden of female karma scenes

From rock of angst to thunderous breaking wake
For her, the pill of life was never sweet to take
And death-head beauty flew in the face of her mortal coiling shell
But black October knight brought safe shield from the steel cold gates of hell
And bonded thus the soulmates bathed in love's deep well
Alas, legend's path steers not straight in millennia's bruised reality
And both they sought solace in time and space's profanity

So, she and he, their paths were lost
They're ending changed by lives star-crossed
Inextricable destiny once echoed by Nature's sea and air
Shifted like desert sands, to what, to when, to where?

John A. Clark 17th May 2003