Up-Close & Personal

Ooow, you were expected something really personal, huh! .... sorry to disappoint you, but there's only stuff on my persona here, like my names and my character

...... Oh, and I've also sold out with sucky Webpage no-no's, like "where I live" and "where I work"!

My Names

You've no doubt noticed, that I have two names: the formal John, given to me by my Mum and Dad and my nickname "Nobby", first given to me by a teacher at Junior school! (and shared with my Dad). Maybe you're wondering where such a nickname would come from? ........ well I'm gonna tell you anyway.

"Nobby" actually always goes with the surname "Clark" and the connection goes something like this:

My Personality

Click for my ART PAGEOh man, explaining this could be quite a tall order !!! ........ I'm quite complex - and able to see things from a Yin or Yang point of view. Or maybe it's a "John point of view" and a "Nobby point of view". Anyway, between black and white there is a whole lot of grey ....... so hopefully this means I'm a balanced character!!

My outlook on life is a combination of the scientific and the spiritual - I'm an engineer at heart but I'm also known for my artistic side - click on the Venus stature for my art page

As for any further insight into the mind of John/Nobby Clark, I've again got two ideas:

a scientific look a my left/right brain map

(click the image for an enlargement)

and a spiritual look at my astrological chart (I'm an Aries)

(Click the image for an enlargement)

My Interests

My Location

My hometown (and long time spiritual home) is Ruislip in West London. For international surfers, this is near London (Heathrow) airport- roughly at the 9 o'clock position on the M25, the circular motorway around London

Click here for Google map of Ruislip -  or click on the globe to Google Earth there) - Oh, and "Tropic of Ruislip is actually a novel about "saucy goings-on" in surburbia, lol (I have a signed copy)

My Work

At work [Image]I'm part sales, part techy - I'm a Pre-Sales Systems Engineer in the Internet/networking industry for Brocade, the leading provider of high-performance Layer 2/3 LAN switches, Layer 3 Backbone switches, Layer 4 - 7 Web switches, Metro Routers and Storage Area Networks. Here's our HQ on Google Earth

Click on the icon to take a look at my CV

Brocade are Cisco's number 1 competitor.... which is a good job, because I hate Cisco! They may be big - but they certainly aren't the best - Their kit is a "Ford" ours is a "Ferrari"


So Brocade's DCX Man now has more powers! :-) including social networking powers - check out his Facebook page - I was never too sure about "Foundry Man" - click here for some ideas on his SuperHero name

If you work in IT too and you're a bit of a sad case (like me sometimes!), you may also find yourself wanting to check out the computer/Internet stuff on my techy page


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