My Favourite Music

So everyone wants to be able to answer the "what's your favourite tracks of all time then" question - well I spent ages making my own music streaming service in the 90s but now here are my tunes, thanks to Spotify...

Dance/Club Classic/Rap

My clubbing highlights and Old Skool preferences  - from the 70s, when I frequented Cheeky Pete's nightclub in Richmond -  the 80s when Bogarts club in South Harrow was the preferred haunt - and the 90s, when Zenith nightclub on the A40 in Park Royal was the place to be:

Grime/Rap/Dance and NuMetal/NuRock

Time to get into the Noughties and the new millennium:

Musical Origins Jazz-Funk-Soul-Jazzfunk

Tracks that have formed part of my life and have touched my soul:

Brit Funk Baby

The 80s music for the select few - and a band of brothers and sisters that groove to these tunes from original bands at the Jazz Cafe in Camden and Canvas in Bournemouth:

Eclectic Classic Rock Etc Mix

So here's Nobbys Top Tracks 2 CD set ...... a mix of "for the heart" stuff and rock classics for that real eclectic feel of the 80's & 90's, with some 70's thrown in for good measure:


Pacific Coast Highway

Some chilled American rock tracks that accompanied a mate of mine and me on a road trip along Pacific Coast Highway, from San Fran to LA

Pacific Coast Highway:

Christmas and Valentines Day

My picks for a Valentines Day and Christmas Day playlists: