Name: John A. Clark
Nationality: British
Status: Single


Isleworth Grammar School
GCE O Levels
A: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography
B: English language, Biology, French
C : English Literature, Art
GCE A Levels
B: Physics
C: Chemistry

Open University 3rd Level
Pass grade 2:
S354 Understanding Space & Time
Pass grade 4: S358 Electromagnetism

Network Industry Training
Gandalf, Retix, Xylan, Bay Networks, IBM SNA, Nortel Networks (click for certificates)
Soft Skills: Holden Sales Training, Walter Blackburn Presentation Training (click for certificates)


2008 to date: Brocade

Joined Brocade through the acquisition of Foundry in late December 2008. Completed basic Fibre Channel training and 8 Gbps FC/basic DCX training in Jan 2009. Worked on the implementation of a new City based finance client's network which included Brocade BigIron RX core LAN switches and Brocade DCX SAN directors

2003 to 2008: Foundry Networks

Joined Foundry Networks in 2003 as Pre-Sales System Engineer as part of the small, focussed UK team.Worked in the Enterprise vertical sector. Completed a number of major installations using FastIron Core Switches and FastIron Edge Switches (FES). Carried out design and implementation of IP telephony VoIP networks using a QoS enabled, resilient BigIron Switch core supporting IEEE 802.3af POE (Power Over Ethernet) FES switches for London based clients such as CEB (Corporate Executive Board) in Holborn.

Acted as Foundry design lead and technical point of contact for major clients in the rapidly expanding online betting sector. Carried out design and implementation work for Betfair on their London Data Centre and resilient MAN, using Foundry MRP (Metro Ring Protocol).Carried out lab testing and approval for Foundry ServerIron L4/7 load balancers and support for GSLB and SSL for British Telecom Retail.Won Exceptional Contribution Sales award at 2004 Annual Foundry conference in Santa Clara Ca.

Became SE for Foundry UK's largest account, BBC, in 2005. Carried out QoS testing at their White City labs for approval and deployment of Siemens HiPath VoIP/IPT. Acted as Technical Account Manager for BBC Broadcast's transition to RedBee Media. Took lead role in testing and deployment of ServerIrons for L4/7 SLB projects at BBC, including installation of complex active/active HA Pair SLB configuration and subsequent detailed L7 healthcheck development for Livelink server application. 

Moved to form new account team in 2006 focused on accounts in the Finance sector, primarily in the City of London.Won a major project for a rapidly growing FX trading company, ODL Securities. Carried out full testing and implementation of ODLs multicast trading platforms over a state of the art 10 GbE backbone network, using a dual BigIron RX-16 core switches and multiple FastIron GS edge switches with dual-homed 10 GbE uplinks, running 802.1w RSTP, VRRPe and UDLD resilience. Implemented 10 GbE Server load balancers for ODL's web based applications, including integrated SSL termination/acceleration and certificate handling. Won Exceptional Contribution Sales award at 2006

1999 to 2002: Nortel Networks

Joined Nortel Networks, the amalgamated company of Northern Telecom (Nortel) and Bay Networks, as a Pre-Sales System Engineer in 1999. Worked as the technical point of contact for several of the largest corporate accounts as part of the "direct touch" London City Sales Team. Completed numerous training courses on all of the Nortel Networks' Enterprise Solutions product and technology portfolio, including next generation routing-switches, advanced IP routing, secure VPNs, policy based networking, IP telephony, Optical DWDM etc.

Went on to perform the Technical Account Management role for Nortel network's largest City account, HSBC, with one of the largest deployments of Accelar 1200 routing switches. Acted as the London technical design authority on Nortel Networks Enterprise Solutions' largest switched MAN project, encompassing Passport 15000/ Passport 6000 multi-service/ATM core switches, Centillion 1000 ATM switches, Accelar 1200 Gigabit Ethernet switches and BayStack 450 workgroup switches.

Took the technical lead on Nortel's largest LAN project to date in EMEA, the HSBC new HQ, a 44 storey headquarters building in Docklands, London: a flagship converged network  supporting data, voice, video and wireless technologies for over 8000 users, with Passport 8600 switches, OPTera DWDM, Alteon Web switches and Option 81c PBXs. Developed  a series of technical presentations on key subjects, such as IP Quality of Service, IP multicast etc.

Moved  internally in 2000 to the IP Services Business Group with Nortel's Service Provider & Carrier Group, supporting the Shasta 5000 BSN (Broadband Service Node): an "Intelligent Subscriber Edge" Broadband IP Gateway, delivering 32,000 wire-rate instances of stateful firewall, Anti-spoofing, Diffserv QoS, IPsec VPNs, web-steering, policy-forwarding, accounting and Personal Portals.

Worked on projects for major Telcos, Service Providers, ISPs and Wholesalers including early roll-outs of UK DSL services, broadband satellite streaming video delivery and residential Internet connectivity over cable TV infrastructures. Also developed the inclusion of the Shasta BSN and Alteon 780 Web switches in Nortel Networks reference architecture for IDCs (Internet Data Centres) and ASPs (Application Service Providers). Wrote White paper on VoIP/IPTelphony technology.

Worked on a number of Wireless Internet access projects, in the 2.5G (GPRS) environment and early 3G (UMTS) roll-out, with the Shasta BSN acting as an IP service node and as a GGSN (Gateway GPRS Serving Node). Acted as the Shasta technical point of contact for one of the UK's first WASP (Wireless ASP) solutions.

1997 to 1999: ACI (Anixter Communication & Integration)

Joined as Senior Pre-Sales SE in 1997, primarily responsible for Bay Networks Products and ATM backbone switching designs for ACI customers in the Finance/Consultancy and High Street retail brand market spaces. Acted as technical point of contact for the OSPF migration for the largest Bay Networks router WAN in the UK. Developed and oversaw an acceptance testing regime for a 12 month migration strategy from an ATM PVC based core implementation to LANE and PNNI for a market leading retail organisation. Extended product knowledge to include the Xylan Omniswitch ATM range, via training at the Amsterdam HQ. Attended the Bay Networks Barracuda Sales/Pre-Sales training conference in Vilamoura, Portugal. Participated in regular non-disclosure meetings at Bay Networks EMEA HQ in Valbonne, Cote D'Azur, as the UK representative. Gave a series of customer presentations at the ACI "Breakfast Club" seminars on implementing ATM switching.

Took on new role in 1998, as Bay Networks Technical Account Manager: a dual role with both technical and commercial responsibility. Responsible for all Bay Networks products and designs, organisation of regular technical forums and distribution of all technical information internally to ACI. Re-launched the Bay/ACI relationship with a series of multi-media presentations, under the name "Synergy" (click for movie).  Targeted on ACI's Bay Networks sales revenue and responsible for commercial liaison, tele-marketing plans, incentive schemes, partner business plans etc.Attended Bay Networks Barracuda IV Sales/Pre-Sales training in Hamburg and the Strategic Product Rountable, a by-invitation feedback session for Bay Networks' key partners, in Valbonne, Cote D'Azur. Wrote press-release articles for Bay Networks "Switched On" magazine, detailing ACI case histories on large projects and new technologies.   

Championed the technical and commercial aspects of Bay Networks Accelar layer 3 routing switches within ACI, including technical design surgeries, customer evaluation programs and mailshots. Presented on Gigabit Ethernet Vs ATM technology, at the ACI "Breakfast Club" seminars. Attended Connect 99, the first Bay Networks Annual Technical Conference, in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

1995 to 1997: Logical Networks

Joined as Senior Network Consultant in 1995 and rapidly took on internal product responsibility for the newly amalgamated Bay Networks range, in addition to tender responses, network design and presentation with 3Com, Sonix, Centillion, Agile, Controlware etc. Typically involved with highly resilient LAN/WAN designs for major Corporate clients, often in business critical applications. Attended NAPS95 (Network Architects Summit) at Bay Networks Corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Furthered ATM knowledge to become in-house specialist. Carried out design and critical acceptance testing for Bay Networks 1st generation EtherCell/LattisCell ATM technology, running ATM Forum LANE version 1.0. Majoring with the city sales team, gained detailed experience of IDP market data services, such as Reuters Triarch. Designed Logical Network's first cell switching design, for a large dealing room environment in the city.

Attended the 1996 NEDC (Network Engineering Design Conference), in Malaga, Spain. Furthered Bay Networks ATM design experience with the acquired Centillion TokenSpeed and EtherSpeed products. Acted as single technical point of contact for Logical Network’s largest account: including Wellfleet router upgrades for the OSPF/Frame Relay based WAN and migration from the city based FDDI campus to an ATM MAN, supporting multiple VLANs and virtual routing. Expanded ATM knowledge to include multi-media products from Bay Networks/FVC. Designed pilot project for international video-conferencing, based on H.320 and 25 Mbps to the desk ATM technology for city trading environment.

Extended 3Com product expertise to include Cellplex ATM products: designed a complex, resilient LAN for large pharmaceutical concern using this technology. Designed and oversaw the first Bay Networks Model 5000BH ATM network in the UK, for a mission critical city dealing organisation. Pioneered the implementation of Centillion GIGArray designs within Logical Networks, including redundant, load-sharing PVC/PVP configurations, interacting with Ethernet based dual-homing resolved by Spanning Tree.


Remuneration: Basic + OTE + Stock Options
Benefits: Company car allowance and fuel, mobile phone, Private health plan, Company contributory pension scheme
Current Car: Smart Brabus Roadster & Noble M12 GTO (privately owned)


Club Lotus - restoring Guigario Turbo Esprit
Motorsport - Brands Hatch School graduation class B
Open University - Physics associate undergraduate
Running - completed 1993 London Marathon