JQ - John's Quarterly Magazine

"JQ"sounds a cool idea ........... like it should be full Babes and Gadgets, as above - but this came from a computer networks presentation I did a few years ago (click here if you really want to see it!)

Maybe check the real magazines in the Top Links at the bottom of this page! Or if you're a 1950's Playboy fan, click the banner below for my favourite pin-up, Bettie Page, or click her on the right for "comic strip Bettie"

          Page Comic Strip [POP-UP]

OK, some Geek-stuff is cool, click the banner below for NobbyVille Tech:


I bought a Bettie nice art piece for my
flat - a "3D shadow box" based on The Rocketeer comic, in which Bettie is obvioulsy the hero's lady.... Click the picture

On the right, Dita Von Teese is just so the new Bettie Page

The long promised Bettie Page movie arrived in 2006! click on the left

And Yes I got to see it in a cool small independent cinema - The Screen on the Hill, Belsize Park... perfect :-)